Who thought the subject of psoriasis could become an award-winning novel about love?

I certainly didn’t, but sitting beside icons such as Anne Perry and Rebecca Forster in Burbank, California last October, that’s exactly what happened. Every author is told at some point on their journey, “Write what you know.” As an author of predominantly military romance and suspense, I create heroines who are feisty and quite attractive. After ten publications, a few best sellers and two other award winners, I sat down at my computer one morning and looked into the darkened screen of my monitor and saw my image reflected back at me.

I’ve lived with a severe case of psoriasis since I was four-years-old. Many times I’ve read posts on social media by young women who think no one could possibly love them because of ‘P’. It saddened me to see their heartache. I started to type and “His Perfect Imperfection” was born. A tale of discovery where every woman who lives with our disorder will see themselves in every page. The psychological warfare we put ourselves through when it comes to our skin is endless. Mika, the heroine, has a quick wit, a ready smile and a close group of friends, but when it comes to romance she steers clear, afraid that no man could fall in love with her. Through Mika’s eyes, readers evolve as she learns love is more than skin deep.

When the host at the Reward of Novel Excellence awards announced “His Perfect Imperfection” as the contemporary romance novel winner of 2016 and the audience roared with applause, I was gobsmacked. But as I walked toward the podium to accept the award, I realized the book held a deeper message for everyone. My husband had been telling me something for years, and finally I understood. We are unique, not flawed. No matter how many scars we endure each time ‘P’ rises up and we go to battle, the disorder cannot stop us from achieving our milestones or accomplishments in this life.

Pre-Release Blitz and Sale, Twila’s Tempest

I’m excited to release my newest romance adventure, Twila’s Tempest. There’s two giveaways this month and Twila’s Tempest is on sale for 99 cents until midnight June 19th, 2016.

The Treasure Coast. Balmy nights. One very hot yacht builder named Drake and a sweet but courageous gal by the name of Twila are about to

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New Release, Twila’s Tempest


I’ve always loved stories that take place in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. Intrigue. Treasure. Balmy nights. I couldn’t fit the treasure into this novel, but there’s definitely adventure.

Twila’s Tempest Book Trailer





“Drake!” Twila’s sharp call whipped his head around. “Oh, God, do you see

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Is the Indie world headed for a literary Armageddon?

There are titans vying for control and Indie authors are like the David’s of our time. The titans don’t go by the names of HarperCollins or Penguin Random House. Those folks are still in shock that we dared to, with the help of Amazon and Smashwords, come forth like a dark

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Indscribe Conference

Secret Cravings Blog Hop

Christmas can be an especially hard time for warriors. Far from their families during a holiday meant to be shared with loved ones is a tough pill to swallow, but they do it for their country. Some of them return to their families, but don’t come back from war as they left. The challenges of

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Midnight’s Fate

Once in a while I post a book spotlight of a worthy book I’ve managed to read outside of InD’Tale Magazine. There is nothing more vampiralicious than a paranormal that takes place in England, this book however takes place in the jungle. If you want to give this series due diligence then start at the

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Do you need a Street Team?

Did you know there’s an author’s purgatory? Yup. It sits between the words “debut author” and “New York Times bestselling author”. You’re grinning right now. I know. That’s a big gap and most of us are sitting in the gully saying, “What the hell was I thinking?” but keep stroking. Remember my motto.

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What Are Beta Readers?

It’s better to start by explaining what beta readers are not. They are not your husband, sister, mom or mother-in-law. There is an exception to this, if one of your relatives is a professional editor consider yourself very lucky.

Editors and beta readers are not the same thing, but they could be considered kissing cousins.

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Meet the enigmatic, multi-talented Scott King

Britain is known for their royalty, and although he’s a King, I’m not sure if he has blue blood running through his veins. I think the ladies out there will agree he’s definitely hot-blooded. Then again, that just might be our temperature rising when we cast our eyes on this model and fitness expert.


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